Parent Handbook


Welcome to the Westridge Wolf Willow Playschool (“WWW or Westridge Playschool”). We are a non-profit parent cooperative playschool supported by the Westridge Wolf Willow Country Club Community League. There are no daily parent duty days, rather involvement is provided through the parent board positions, party days, the casino, and other special activities and events that require extra volunteers as requested by the teachers.

The WWW Playschool has been developed to meet the needs of our community members and to give our children the opportunity to gather and socialize with their peers in a local environment. The WWW Playschool aims to be a happy place for your child and to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

We believe that play is central to a child’s learning. By providing a “learn through play” environment each child can learn and develop at an individual pace while still benefiting from being part of a group. Our program provides a learning environment that supports social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

  1. Social Development
    1.  Encourage responsibility for their belongings
    2. Encourage sharing with others and taking turns
  2. Emotional development
    1.  Support the adjustment of being away from home
    2.  Encourage positive expression of anger and feelings
  3. Physical development
    1. Support the development of large and small muscle control
    2. Encourage desirable health habits
  4. Intellectual Development
    1.  Encourage language, problem solving and listening skills
    2.  Encourage early literacy, math and science skills
  5. Creative Development
    1. Encourage curiosity, creativity, experimentation and imagination
    2. Encourage the enjoyment of music and art 

These goals are achieved through a variety of different classroom centres and activities set up for the children to choose from. We believe that children should be given opportunities to explore art materials and to express themselves freely without adult restrictions and expectations placed on their work. We often focus on the process rather than the final product.

These activities may be as follows:

– Free time to play and interact

-Providing toys such as blocks, puzzles, trains, dollhouse, house corner

-Printing letters, numbers, names

-Storytelling, finger plays, puppets, songs using actions

-Music CD’s and rhythm instruments

-Crafts, finger painting, cutting, pasting

-Show and tell, discussion groups

-Gym time, outdoor playtime

-Sand and water play

-Exploring elements of nature



Westridge Wolf Willow (WWW) Playschool welcomes families from all neighbourhoods. The playschool currently has children enrolled that represent a variety of communities. Since we are located in the WWW Community League and we do receive support from the WWW Community board, the Playschool executive board has created a registration priority list to ensure that children in the WWW neighbourhood are given priority to their local playschool. Please see the list below. Please note that every year we have many families from out of the area registered in our school.

Prior to the registration night:

*Children registered in the 3 year old class are guaranteed a spot in the 4 year old class the next school year.  However, parents must get their child’s registration form into the playschool by the given deadline.  After this time, the spot is not guaranteed. 

Current families with a child registered in the school may also pre-register siblings for either class for the upcoming year.

After current families pre-register, all remaining spots will be available. We currently have limited space available in our morning 4 year old class.

On registration night priority will be given:

First: to siblings of alumni children, previously registered in the playschool, who live IN the community (Westridge, Wolf Willow, Country Club).

Second: to new children who live IN the community.

Third: to siblings of alumni children, previously registered in the playschool within the last 2 years, who live OUT of the community.

Fourth: to new children who live OUT of the community.

  • Open House night is from 6-7:30pm February 15th. Registration Forms can be submitted prior to registration night but no later than 7:30pm on February 15th. After all registration forms are collected that night, they are sorted according to priority.
  • A lottery will be done for any categories exceeding the spots based on this priority system.
  • Waiting lists will be compiled after 16 three year olds and 18 four year olds are registered.
  • Registrations submitted after registration night will be accepted in the order that they are received.
  • For a complete registration we require:
  1. A completed registration form
  2. Registration fee $75.00 (will be required within 5-7 business days of email sent confirming spot at the playschool).


The following fees must be paid PRIOR to your child’s participation in class:

  • Registration Fee

There is a $75.00 registration fee per child, payable within 5 -7 business days of email sent confirming spot at the playschool. Once your child has a spot in the playschool and registration fee is paid it is non-refundable.

  • Fees 2023-2024

Fees are: $175.00/month for the 3 Year Old Program and $205.00/month for the 4 Year Old Program.

We have a Pre-Authorized Debit system for paying the monthly fees. You will fill out a form to enable the Playschool to automatically withdraw the monthly fees from your bank account. First payment will be withdrawn September 1st 2023.

The Pre Authorized Debt form must be completed and returned within 5-7 business days of accepting registration.

** Subsidy: Families eligible for government subsidy will pay partial tuition dependant on their subsidy amount. For example: full subsidy of $125/month with a tuition of $175/month, the parent portion will be $50/month with $125/month to be paid to the playschool by subsidy. Families are responsible for their own subsidy applications and will be required to provide the playschool with all the pertinent documents.**


Each family must have a current membership (renewed in August) with any Community League within Edmonton for the start of the school year. Please provide a copy of your current membership at the Annual General Meeting in September. For those interested in purchasing a WWWCC Community League membership they will be available for purchase at the AGM.REFUNDS AND WITHDRAWALS

If your child withdraws from the WWW Playschool, refunds will be provided on the following terms only:

  • If you provide written notice of the withdrawal to the Class Representative one month in advance of the withdrawal date, fees for the subsequent playschool months will be refunded to you. There will be no refunds or reductions of fees for partial months.
  • No refunds or reductions of fees are available for child’s absence or holidays.
  • No refunds will be provided after the March 1 cheque is processed EXCEPT in the case of a child who moves away from Edmonton, and will not be returning to the Playschool.



  • Classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • To participate, your child must be 3 years old by December 31st, 2022. (Born 2020)
  • To participate, your child must be daytime toilet trained and independent in the bathroom. This means no pull up diapers are allowed and you may be called to come and change your child if she/he has an accident. We are not licensed to provide changing facilities.


  • Classes run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • To participate, your child must be 4 years old by December 31st, 2022. (Born 2019)
  • To participate, your child must be daytime toilet trained and independent in the bathroom. This means no pull up diapers are allowed and you may be called to come and change your child if she/he has an accident. We are not licensed to provide changing facilities.

We believe that cooperation between parents and teacher in reinforcing common goals is an unbeatable combination in nurturing young children. Together, they can strengthen and enhance the quality of the child’s playschool experience.


  • Classes run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12:45pm to 3:00pm.
  • To participate, your child must be 3 or 4 years old by December 31st, 2022. (Born 2019 or 2020)
  • To participate, your child must be daytime toilet trained and independent in the bathroom. This means no pull up diapers are allowed and you may be called to come and change your child if she/he has an accident. We are not licensed to provide changing facilities.


The Playschool year starts in September (staggered entry week – one week after public school starts) and ends the third week of June. The WWW Playschool follows the same holidays as the Edmonton Public School System (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Family Day, Teachers Convention, Spring Break etc.) EXCEPT that the Playschool will remain open on the Public School Professional Development Days. Class cancellation may be necessary during severe weather conditions. If this is necessary the Class Representative will contact you with as much advance notice as possible.


Each child’s birthday will be celebrated during playschool class time on or near to the child’s birthday. (Children who have birthdays during the holidays will be acknowledged at a suitable time).

Parents are asked NOT to bring homemade treats for their child’s birthday. You are welcome to bring a labelled store bought treat for the class on their birthday. NO NUTS PLEASE!


Over the course of the playschool year, the children may go on a few field trips. Most field trips are nearby and in most cases parents will be asked to look after their own child’s transportation to the field trip site. Generally special programs come to the playschool instead.


Your child needs to bring a small nutritious snack and drink to playschool every day. Please send the snack and drink in a small lunch bag that is CLEARLY marked with your child’s name. NO NUTS PLEASE!


Please ensure that you (or your designated responsible adult) bring your child to the hallway to hang up their jackets and backpack.


Please be prompt in picking up your child. Late arrivals of parents / caregivers can be distressing to your child and is unfair to the Playschool staff. If you are unavoidably detained, please telephone the Playschool and advise the staff that you will be late. Playschool Phone Number is 780-483-2044.

For the safety of your child, if someone other than your child’s parent is picking up your child, the Playschool staff must be notified of this arrangement in advance of the pick-up time and the Playschool staff may require the adult picking up your child to produce identification. Playschool staff must also be notified in advance of any car-pooling arrangements with other playschool parents.


Your child needs to have a pair of “indoor shoes” which you will bring to school each day. As children will be spending time in the gym on most days, these shoes should be non-slip, non-marking, rubber-soled, and preferably Velcro closing. Fire regulations require children to wear shoes at all times in the playschool and children without shoes will therefore NOT be allowed to participate in playschool. Please ensure that all of your child’s removable belongings are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Your child should bring weather-appropriate outdoor clothing each day as the children may be playing outside when the weather is cooperative. Since the children may also be involved in painting, and other messy activities on any given day, please do not dress your child in his/her best clothes.


The teachers will be asking for parent volunteers during the year for events in class that require extra adult supervision such as parties, special programs, fieldtrips, etc. The teachers will let parents know about these days through email and give parents the opportunity to volunteer on these days.

Parents who are not on the Playschool Executive are asked to assist the teachers with some duties throughout the year. These may include:

Playdough Preparation

Making playdough for the playschool periodically.

Party Helper

Parents are asked to help provide some of the food and beverages for the children’s special snack.


The Playschool Executive Board is made up of parents of current Playschool students. The board strives for diversity in its composition and each year the goal is to have a blend of parents from both in and out of the community as well as a blend of parents from both the 3 and 4 year old classes. The Executive consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Casino Coordinator, 3 Year Old Class Representative, and 4 Year Old Class Representative. These positions are a minimum one year term. The positions are filled at the Annual General Meeting held before the beginning of the school year. The Executive meets approximately once per month to deal with Playschool business and Executive members therefore are NOT required to sign up for other duties.

Executive Position Descriptions:


Chair and facilitate all Executive and general meetings. Responsible for the general management and supervision of the playschool. Act as a liaison between parents, Executive and teachers.


Aid to the president, and assist as needed. Organize and set up registration for the Playschool. Update the school website, Parents Handbook and Playschool Policies Manual as needed. Organize marketing and communications as needed.


Administer all banking. Maintain account books. Prepare month and year end financial statements. Keep Executive informed of current and projected budget. File necessary Gaming Commissions Documents (e.g. Casino Financial Report). Accounting experience is highly recommended.


Take minutes of Executive and General Meetings and provide electronic copies to the Executive.

Class Representative

Distribute and collect registration forms, registration fees, and post-dated tuition cheques at the registration night. Send pertinent information about the school start up and AGM/Information Night. Act as a liaison between parents, Executive and/or teachers.

Casino Chairperson

Responsible for coordinating the recruitment of volunteers and back-up volunteers for the casino fundraiser bi-annually. Maintain and file license application with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. In off years from the casino this person may be responsible for coordinating other fundraising activities.

Questions or concerns about the Playschool program can be brought to an Executive member and it will be discussed at the next monthly meeting. A list with names and contact information of the current Executive will be shared with parents after the AGM. The information can also be found on the Playschool website,


The WWW Playschool raises funds by participating in a casino every 2 years. One volunteer shift for each child enrolled at the playschool is required. PARTICIPATION IS MANDATORY. The casino is our primary form of fundraising so it is extremely important that we have the support of all the families at our playschool to make the casino a success. We rely on casino funds to pay for teacher salaries, new furniture, gym equipment, educational materials, toys, and other supplies for the playschool. The next casino year is unknown due to delays from casinos being closed. It is mandatory for you to fulfill your obligation in order for your child to continue in the program. If your child is removed from the program for a failure to complete a casino shift a refund for school fees will NOT be issued.


Most communication is done through the SeeSaw app and email at the playschool. A monthly newsletter and calendar will be distributed by email from the lead teacher to all parents indicating themes and special events for the upcoming month as well as any important dates. In addition, all students have a mailbox outside of the classroom for printed information or your child’s artwork for you to pick up.



Depending on the situation, the teachers may implement any of the following behaviour management techniques as they deem appropriate:

  1. Redirecting the child’s activity. This includes interesting the child in some other activity or finding another toy to interest the child. Sharing and cooperation amongst the children is encouraged at all times.
  2. Talking it out with the child. This involves a discussion about the feelings that caused the problem and then working out an appropriate alternative solution.

If a child’s behaviour is continuously or repeatedly disruptive, the parents will be asked to work with the teacher to achieve an appropriate solution. Aggressive, physically abusive or verbally abusive behaviour will NOT be tolerated.

If a child’s behaviour is a continuous or recurring problem or if a child is too immature and disruptive to class, the Executive may insist that the child be withdrawn from the Playschool program.CHILD HEALTH

Please keep your child at home if he/she is sick or within the incubation period of a communicable illness. If your child contracts a serious communicable illness, including lice, please notify the teacher as soon as possible so that we can try to limit the spread of illness by advising other parents to be aware of possible symptoms in their own children.

Playschool staff is not responsible for administering medications to your child. However, medications for allergic reactions may be administered to a child whose parents provided the necessary medication, instructions and written consent. If your child has a special medical condition, please discuss this with the teacher.

If your child appears unwell while at playschool, you will be contacted and asked to take him/her home. In case of a medical emergency, your child will be taken to the Misericordia Hospital by ambulance. For this reason, all parents must complete the medical portion of the Registration Form.


Upon the sound of the fire alarm or smoke detector, the children will be directed to follow the Playschool teacher out of the classroom, down the outside stairwell and to the tennis courts. An alternate route directs the children out of the classroom down the stairway to the main floor of the building and out the front doors to the side of the parking lot by the WWWCC sign board. A teacher will be the last to leave the classroom after checking to ensure that everyone has safely left the building and to close the doors and will take attendance to ensure that all children are present and accounted for. Upon confirmation from the Fire Marshall, the children will be returned to the classroom. If the building is unsafe, we will walk to Starbucks, 6873 – 170 Street.

Emergency and accident procedures are posted by the exit door to the classroom. Parent Helpers, as instructed by the teacher, are counted on for helping out in an emergency.


  • One volunteer casino shift for each child enrolled at the playschool is required. Failure to fulfill this obligation can result in the removal of the child from the program and the forfeiting of tuition fees.
  • Parents are asked to ensure your child arrives on time and not disrupt the class with late arrivals. If you arrive after the start of class, please be as quiet and discreet as possible.
  • Please notify the Teachers and Class Representative immediately of any changes to your registration and contact information.
  • Parents must inform the teachers of all persons authorized to pick up your child.
  • If your child is sick you are required to keep him/her at home to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Parents must notify the teachers if your child has a communicable illness/condition (e.g. lice).
  • To participate in playschool, your child MUST be daytime toilet trained and not wear pull-ups or diapers. Our licensing does not permit us to provide changing facilities.
  • Please do not bring candy, toys, blankets, etc. to playschool unless specifically requested to do so by the teacher.
  • Snacks and birthday treats that are sent to school must be nut free if there is a nut allergy in the class.
  • Parents who would like to volunteer in the classroom can sign up to help with a special event or party.
  • Parents who would like to assist the teachers can sign up to help with jobs such as laundry, purchasing, making play dough, etc.