“WWW Playschool has been a wonderful experience for my son. He has enjoyed making new friends and participating in all the fun and interactive activities.

Ms. Dafoe and Ms. Jones are amazing teachers, they take time to get to know each student and you can see their passion come through with all their great themes and activities they have planned for the kids. My son is so eager to share all the new things he’s learned in class with us each day.

They are also incredible at keeping parents updated each month with newsletters and daily videos and pictures on SeeSaw.

It’s been an absolute joy dropping him off and knowing he’s in good hands, learning, playing and building relationships. “


“Our daughter had an amazing experience during her two years at WWWCC Playschool. Ms. Dafoe and Ms. Jones have created a cheerful and nurturing environment where learning is fun. They put so much thought and energy into every activity, and it’s truly special to see them take the time to connect with each student as an individual. We feel so lucky to have chosen WWWCC Playschool and to have been a part of such a warm and welcoming community of teachers, parents and kids.”

Mark & Jenny

We are new to the playschool this year and I couldn’t be happier. The teachers are incredible and I feel so grateful that they are helping to shape and teach my daughter. Their kindness, passion and creativity is apparent every single day. They are incredibly thoughtful and make each day/week and month so special. I am so happy we found such an incredible space for our daughter to learn, play and explore in! It is a great community of parents and children and we can’t wait for our son to start next year!

 – Audrey