Registration Information

We had such an interest in our programs that we have decided to open up an afternoon 3&4 Year Old Class!

We are now accepting registrations into our new class! If families have a confirmed spot for next year want to switch into the afternoon class, a morning spot may come available. Be sure to complete a registration form at the bottom of this page to get your spot!

A registration fee will only be required once we have secured you into a class.


Prior to the registration night:

*Children registered in the 3 year old class are guaranteed a spot in the 4 year old class the next school year.  However, parents must get their child’s registration form into the playschool by the deadline given.  After this date, the spot is not guaranteed. 

Current families with a child registered in the school may also pre-register siblings for either class for the upcoming year.

  • To register we require:

  1. completed registration form, link below.
  2. $75 registration fee sent via e transfer to (non-refundable after you receive a spot in the Playschool)
  • Once you have been notified of your place in the school the following will need to be submitted:
  1.  A completed PAD banking form for monthly fees
  2. First month’s school fee cheque post dated August 1st 2021, $175 for the 3 year old class, $205 for the 4 year old class, and $195 for the 3&4 year old Afternoon class.

Open House Night Procedures

Open House night runs virtually on Tuesday Feb. 9, 2021. 

 After all registration forms are collected between now and February 9th @8pm, they will be sorted according to priority. We have never had a year without “out of area” families in the Playschool.

On registration night, IF we have more applicants than spots available the following will be applied, however we always have “out of area” families receive spots in our school. 

Priority will be given:

First: to siblings of alumni children, previously registered in the playschool, who live IN the community (Westridge, Wolf Willow, Country Club).

Second: to new children who live IN the community.

Third: to siblings of alumni children, previously registered in the playschool within the last 2 years, who live OUT of the community.

Fourth: to new children who live OUT of the community.

  • If necessary, a lottery will be done for any categories exceeding the spots based on this priority system.
  • Waiting lists will be compiled after 16 three year olds and 18 four year olds are registered.
  • Notifications of registration will be emailed to families within a week of registration night.
  • Registrations submitted after registration night will be accepted in the order that they are received, no priority is given to in area families after registration night.